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In order to deliver the solutions that create new possibilities to our customers, we’ve brought together strategists, graphic designers, storytellers, developers, researchers, user experience experts, content creators, production specialists, and much more.

Abigail Azcona

Principal. Senior Designer. Abigail is an experienced designer and illustrator with a love for branding. She lends her talent to numerous longstanding clients.

Sebastian Ferreyra

Principal. Creative Director. Sebastian is one of our top creative minds, with a deep understanding of how to translate concepts into real-world applications.

Diego de Paulis

Principal. Marketing Manager. Diego is an experienced and data-driven strategist with a strong passion for content strategy and asking the right question for each case.

Fernando Piñero

Sweden. Sales Representative.

Emiliano Bonvicini

Social Media.

Jorgelina Saggio

Spain. Sales Representative.